Communique #12 – Organization

September 09, 2020

National Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas, September 9, 2020.


The warm temperature and blue sky was drawing me outside, but the desire to dialogue with you as we come back to work after having a break, I pray, was equally desirous. I knew if I completed the second, then the first would be my reward!

In jotting down thoughts of what to cover in this communique, many ideas were added to the list. Then on a second look at the list, I struggled to identify only those that are doable during the current pandemic reality. Please consider which of these you can support and share with your diocesan counterparts for further work, activation or engagement. The parish mailing will be released the second week of October and will be available at In the organization parish mailing memo, I include comments on:

  • asking the many parish councils with per capita fees not yet been sent in to do so by October 31st . (A letter will be going in September to each parish council addressing this issue.)
  • encouraging councils to find ways to safely gather, including using virtual platforms such as GoToMeetings.
  • group work being done by you to create an orientation for executives at all levels.
  • access to The League of the Future–Year 2 and the League’s Welcome Program. By now, you will have received your package of these resources.
  • encouraging parish council executives to make time to explore the various manuals and resources available on the national website.
  • annual report information with directions for completion. They will be available on the national website November 1st.
  • ensuring that new life members for 2020 have received their pins.

I share the above so you can begin thinking about what role you can take in encouraging, advising and assisting members and councils to make each of these actions happen.

The speaker series this August was a great hit! Encourage members who have not yet seen them to visit summer-speaker-series-webinars. Perhaps invite a friend or two to watch together while safely social distancing. A laptop, some lawn space and a warm day can make this an enjoyable outside event! The following are a couple feedback quotes from The League of the Future–Year 2 presentation. “Plans for the bold launch of the CWL into the future and a different world are exciting.” “It is encouraging to see the resources being invested into the future of the CWL—parishes will feel more supported and not feel they have to start something from scratch.”

I encourage you to register for the Women in Mission webinar retreat scheduled for September 16th and led by National Spiritual Advisor Bishop Stephen Jensen (Prince George). Then, I would love to hear your comments on what you learned from the perspective of a leader as it pertains to your position as a chairperson of organization.

National office continues to struggle with proper process and documentation being completed and sent in when councils disband. Therefore, I have gathered a focus group to discuss this challenge and to come up with a solution. We look forward to having these results to you in the next couple of months. If you have any specific insights on this, please let me know by September 18th.

Your sister in the League,

Fran Lucas
National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization