Communique #11 – Organization

June 15, 2020

National Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas, June 15, 2020.


Restrictions tied to the pandemic are slowly being lifted, yet many people will be cautious (as all should be) of venturing out too far. I know councils at all levels have found creative ways to stay in contact with members, and I ask for your participation in one more related action. Membership numbers need some life support pumped into them. How about a small action now for further action when councils meet again? The following is a proposed message for your parish councils:

What can be done now to continue building on the solidarity of members during these difficult times? How can you begin with great passion, yet a rather quick and easy action in response to the never-ending cry of “we need more members” vår webbsida? How can we all be involved and have a feeling of fulfillment in the months to come? How can we show our pride and love of the League?

I ask for your support. Take the cost of a coffee or tea not being consumed at your favourite venue (or any other saving due to COVID-19) and deposit it in a container in a highly visible location in your home. When able to meet again in a few months, God willing, bring those dollars to your council meeting and add up one total. If you are not able to contribute every week, that is fine, give what you can. With the cumulative funds, purchase memberships as gifts in thanks of coming through COVID-19, and for the League’s future. If the container used to collect saved dollars is cheerful and fun, you may be tempted to drop more than one coffee deposit a week!

Imagine if your parish council had 25 participating members, and each deposited an average of $2.00 a week from June 29th to September 28th (13 weeks). Thirteen weeks multiplied by 25 members contributing $2.00 per week would total $650.00. With an average membership fee of $30.00, that would equal 21 new members! Multiply those numbers across Canada and they will surely make a significant impact!

Presidents-elect, once those new members are on board, the real work begins. With the results of strategy G4.B1 Include and Affirm of the strategic plan, there will be great steps offered to parish councils to help with this. I think your parish counterparts could easily find female parishioners who would be receptive to a free one-year membership to come and see what is offered! With all the happenings tied to the strategic plan, there will be new and exciting things to share with them. Each parish council may choose its process of determining who is gifted with a membership. As identified in the annual reports, this may be a way to include more cultural diversity in the membership. Many times, new Canadians do not have the luxury for a membership, but do have the desire to belong! Rather than this being a parish council expense, it is a personal give with a personal connection to all the new members, not just one. Having these new members will tie in perfectly to one of the actions to be unveiled in August by the implementation committee. If a parish council wishes to continue beyond the September 28th date, good for them!

Think of this as the League’s own GoFundMe® for gifting of memberships. So the challenge is for 100% participation of parish councils in celebration of the 100th anniversary! Provincial presidents-elect, please collect the number of new members once your respective areas open and can hold League meetings, gatherings or events and report to me on the first of the following month. The 2020 annual survey questionnaire will ask for a total of new members tied to this initiative. This is not meant to be a competition but a true incentive to give others the opportunity to join and gain richly from a sisterhood that members have witnessed to be invaluable during this pandemic.

Thank you for your support of this initiative, and may you continue to be safe and healthy as you work “For God and Canada!”

Fran Lucas
National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization