Communique #10 – Organization

April 09, 2020

National Chairperson of Organization Fran Lucas, April 9, 2020.


After weeks of living through the COVID-19 pandemic and being told more of the same is to continue, Canadians realize more than ever that they are all connected—what they do impacts others and sometimes, many others. So, let us keep members connected in a way that the impact is positive now and for the foreseeable future, as they continue to practice strict social distancing. I would like to connect with you, the provincial presidents-elect, and ask you to do the same. Use your own ideas or feel free to use this communiqué to send along for engagement with members.

This communiqué will hopefully serve as a fun learning tool. I ask you to answer the following questions and send your responses to me. Answer as many as you can—there will be no scoring, I am only looking for participation The deadline is Monday, April 20th. I will then put the names of all who respond in a hat and ask George (my husband) to draw two names. Those two provincial presidents-elect will receive a small gift in the mail for having participated. The contents will be sanitized! On April 21st, the correct responses will be shared.

  1. In the 2019 national convention book, what was the count given of honorary life members? Life members?
  2. Which two of the duties below are duties of the chairperson of organization?
    a) leadership development
    b) newsletters and bulletins
    c) annual reports
  3. On the national website, there are currently how many 300 Series Promotional Material items listed?
    a) 19
    b) 25
    c) 11
  4. What strategy is the Implementation Committee on Planning Strategically assigned with having completed in August 2020?
    a) G3.C3 Focus on spiritual and social aspects in councils
    b) G1.G9 Increase number of meetings per year
    c) G4.B9 Include and affirm members
  5. In my organization communiqué #8, the article referred to spoke to:
    a) speaking up rather than saying nothing
    b) reading more rather than watching TV
    c) picking up rather than giving up
  6. Where is the current office of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations located?
    a) Paris, France
    b) Rome, Italy
    c) Rome, New York

Thank you for taking part in this short and (I hope) fun quiz as a refresher on what I hope you feel are interesting and learning opportunities.

Wishing you a continued rewarding Easter season!

Fran Lucas
National President-Elect and Chairperson of Organization