Communique #1 – Resolutions

August 24, 2021

National Chairperson of Resolutions Rolande Chernichan, August 24, 2021


Greetings League sisters! I congratulate and affirm you for serving as provincial chairperson of resolutions, and I am delighted to be your companion on the journey! It is an honour to have been appointed to share with you the responsibilities, challenges and the unique ministry served by resolutions chairpersons. League resolutions can serve as the voice on matters of social justice. They can be a powerful tool “to infuse a Christian spirit into the temporal order” (Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity). The voice of members is heard through resolutions that bring about awareness or change because “a resolution may be directed to the League itself at any level, or it may be directed to outside groups or institutions, such as the government, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, businesses, etc.” (Resolutions Supplement to Executive Handbook) Chairpersons at each level of the League may also submit resolutions at her level.

For those interested, my biography appears on the national website ( on the Meet Our Executive page under About Us.

How many of you were able to participate and benefit from the recent partially virtual 100th and 101st national annual meetings of members? I hope you enjoyed the historical online experience. Enclosed is the oral report from former National Chairperson of Resolutions Cathy Bouchard (2018-2021). No resolutions were introduced at the annual meetings because of limitations on debate in a virtual setting. However, within a ceremony and according to criteria set by national policy, several resolutions were archived. Please share the enclosed list of national archived resolutions with your diocesan counterparts and request they share it with parish levels. Because the world keeps changing, topics of archived resolutions may be reintroduced in the form of a new resolution, supported by new information and with current, reliably sourced citations that would support the intent of the new resolution for which the League would not yet have a stated position.

During the 1½ year interval where activities were on recess due to the pandemic, members had more time to become aware of and research new issues. With pandemic restrictions gradually easing, councils have an opportunity for a fresh start, and so do we! I encourage you to set for yourself and your committee some short- and long-range plans for the upcoming year and remind your diocesan counterparts to do the same. I would like to hear your ideas for some short- or long-range plans that we could do as a team.

Now is also a good time for you and your committee to become reacquainted with the Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook revised in 2020. It is also timely to use and promote the handy document titled Resolutions Guide, developed by the League (available at These two documents give members and chairpersons all the information needed to prepare a resolution.

The time is right to reach out to your diocesan counterparts to encourage them to be motivators by inviting parish councils to develop resolutions and to provide them mentorship throughout the process. I urge you to request to be notified by a set deadline date about topics for resolutions that are being researched and developed. In turn, I would appreciate being informed by mid-January 2022 of resolutions topics being worked on in anticipation of annual meetings of members in 2022.

I urge you to source the national website often for updates to the implementation of the strategic plan and keep informed of how all standing committees will be affected as we progress through each of the goals set.

Attached, please find the list of provincial resolutions chairpersons. I look forward to working with each of you and the experience of teamwork we can accomplish together.

May you all remain enthusiastic and steadfast in your interest in resolutions and the necessary advocacy achieved through the League.


Rolande Chernichan
National Chairperson of Resolutions