Communique #1 – Past President

August 30, 2021

National Past President and Chairperson of Laws Anne-Marie Gorman, August 30, 2021.


“The passing on of history and tradition gives members a sense of pride and importance in belonging to the League.”
(Executive Handbook)

It is my pleasure to write from my new position of national past president and chairperson of laws. As you and I have journeyed together for several years, there is little more that I need to tell you about myself that is not in my executive profile on the website, except it has been a long time since I was provincial past president. Like you, if you have just completed your term as provincial president, I am reading the past president’s duties and also those of the chairperson of laws. Those of you who have entered the final year of your term are already a step ahead of the rest of us.

Beginning slowly, the first place to start is the Constitution & Bylaws. Become familiar, if not already, with page 23 (Part XII Section 7: Past President), the information provided in the National Manual of Policy and Procedure and the Executive Handbook. You will also want to become familiar with the Handbook for Past Presidents.

Your responsibility primarily is to assist the sitting president and be the keeper of your council’s history. If you can assist the levels under your umbrella to actively update the history by following guidelines provided in the aforementioned resources, you will have succeeded. You are not alone—you may choose others to assist with the vital work ahead.

I look forward to journeying with you in this new adventure and pray that we will learn, with God’s help and the intercession of Our Lady, what God has planned for us the next two years.

Anne-M Gorman
National Past President and Chairperson of Laws