Communique #1 – Communications

October 17, 2018

National Chairperson of Communications Doreen Gowans, August 24, 2018



As the newly elected chairperson of communications, I welcome all provincial chairpersons and offer a special greeting to those who have also been newly elected. My prayer is for us to become one team working together to keep members informed on the issues that we as Catholic women need to be concerned about and act on.

To introduce myself, I was born, raised and live in Kamloops, British Columbia. After graduating from St. Ann’s Academy, I took a business administrative course that led me to work for Weyerhaeuser Canada as an administrative assistant to the vice-presidents of human resources and pension and benefits. Later, I worked as a scheduler for hourly employees, retiring in 2010. In 1968 I married my best friend Bill; we have two children and eight grandchildren.

I joined the League in 1968, a gift from my mother. At parish and diocesan levels, I was chairperson of many standing committees. I was instrumental in designing the membership gift certificate which the League has modified and uses today. On the provincial level I held the positions of secretary, chairperson for the communications and organization standing committees, along with president. On the national level I have served as community life, Christian family life and now as communications standing committee chairperson.

I am very involved in my parish community. Together with my husband and another couple we’ve put together a weekend gathering for happily married couples entitled “Together Forever”. I’m also an associate member of the congregation of Notre Dame and formerly a member of their justice, peace and integrity of creation team which deals with global justice and peace issues. Spirituality and my love for the League are very important parts of my life and I’m looking forward to my term as the communications chairperson. If you have any questions or suggestions contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. Together we will work as a valuable team to keep the members informed.

League Sponsored Mass: I am in the process of booking a mass for the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel on April 26, 2019. Once the booking is complete, I will forward additional information regarding the television air date and time.

You may recall last year we also booked a mass as part of “12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care”. It was decided that, due to the expense to sponsor this mass, the national executive would instead encourage councils to hold their own mass in their parish community as part of this event.

Website: The national website is in the process of being updated. When it is launched, I’m sure you will be happy to see the easy access and various other changes made to the site. Keep me informed, advising if you like the changes. Please continue to offer suggestions for potential future changes.

Pornography: The Pornography Hurts postcard is available for you to download and print for members in your provinces. Printing instructions are on the national website at under resources: 100 Series: Crest, Stationery and Other Council Supplies, item #178. Action: print postcards for members, have them sign, include a question for members of parliament and members of legislative assemblies to respond to, and mail it.

Pornography is growing throughout Canada. Encourage members to act. I attended a pornography workshop at the national convention where it became evident that we should differentiate between child and adult pornography when hosting a workshop or guest speaker. COMMIT TO KIDS is a website helping organizations prevent child sexual abuse, sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. Visit for more information.

Communication: the definition of communication is the imparting or exchanging of information or news. As communicating is a two-way street I’m asking you to carbon copy me on all communiques you send to your respective counterparts. I’m interested in sharing information and hearing what you are doing in your province.

Mission Statement: The new mission statement has been approved and may be used as follows:

Mission Statement
The Catholic Women’s League of Canada calls its members to grow in faith,
and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service.

Resolutions: Under this standing committee the following are a few resolutions I encourage to act on. More action items can be found on the national website at

2017.02 Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornographic Websites
Action: write letters to the prime minister, the federal minister of justice, and to members of parliament requesting legislation be created to ensure that adult websites verify the age of their users.

2004.11 Link Between Violent, Graphic Imagery and Aggressive Behaviour and the Mechanics of Killing
Action: encourage provincial councils to urge provincial/territorial governments to establish procedures to prohibit the sale and/or rental and/or distribution to minors of videos, movies and games that contain graphic imagery which promotes violence and even killing as an acceptable behaviour.

2002.11 Responsible Internet Use for Children
Action: encourage the federal government to continue supporting research and development of tools to protect children against offensive content on the Internet; and encourage members to educate themselves and their families on safe, wise and responsible internet use.

Your Sister in Christ

Doreen Gowans
National Chairperson of Communications