Communique #05 – Communications

April 30, 2019

National Second Vice-President and Chairperson of Communications Doreen Gowans – April 30, 2019


“…Wherever God has put you, that is your vocation.
It is not what we do but how much love we put into it” (Mother Teresa).

National President Anne-Marie Gorman has asked that I send out this communique on the topic of communication!

In today’s world of technology when communication is faster and easier than ever, one would hope it would enable members to communicate in a thorough and positive way. In some cases, communication is not filtering down to all members. As such, I’m reaching out and seeking your assistance in passing down the change to the national communication policy. I implore Our Lady of Good Counsel to guide us as we work together to inform every sister from honorary life members to the new and grassroots members. Communication is an important tool and as standing chairpersons of this committee we must ensure that members are kept informed, especially with prospective changes through the strategic planning process.

National office staff is receiving calls for information that should be directed to the other levels of the League. Please ensure members are made aware of the change to the national communication policy as soon as possible. Staff will continue to educate members at large of the change until further notice. As stated on page 8 of the Constitution & Bylaws, “The executive shall: (a) direct and administer the affairs of the League”, and on page 19 “The president, as the chief officer, shall: (a) inform the membership of the position of the League on current issues and priorities and new programs”. Therefore, to improve the flow of communication the national executive/board has chosen to make this change.

Please see below the changes to the national communication policy as stated in my last communique, parish mail out, and spring edition of The Canadian League:

NEW Communication Policy: For all information, concerns and/or inquiries the flow of communication starts with the parish council and follows the chain of command to diocesan, then to provincial and then to national council. To endorse and promote this communication policy, the national executive has decided to discontinue the toll-free 1-888 telephone line effective June 30, 2019 as it will no longer be required. Thank you for your cooperation.

Direction to councils: Please inform members that for matters of administration (orders, membership, On the Spot), they should contact national office via e-mail. With respect to all other matters (policy, procedure, programs, actions, concerns), please inform members to first communicate directly with the respective parish council executive member. If the inquiry is such that it needs to be raised to the diocesan level, the parish executive will represent its members and do so. In the event that it needs to be raised to the provincial level, the diocesan executive will represent its members and do so. Should the inquiry need to be raised to the national level, the provincial executive will represent its members and do so.

These changes may appear like additional work but have been designed for ease and efficiency, enabling presidents to keep informed of information requested from various levels in an effort to include the information in an upcoming next communique or parish mail out, educate members, or to host a workshop on the issue. By doing this all members are kept informed on the various issues arising across Canada.

May the good Lord bless you abundantly this blessed Easter season and throughout the many joy filled years ahead.