Communique #04 – Communications

March 12, 2019

National Second Vice-President and Chairperson of Communications Doreen Gowans, March 12, 2019


During a meeting with a delegation of the American Jewish Committee, Pope Francis marked International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, “stressing the ‘irreplaceable contribution of women in building a world that can be a home for all,’ through their efforts toward peace and love. ‘Women make the world beautiful, they protect it and keep it alive. They bring the grace of renewal, the embrace of inclusion, and the courage to give of oneself’”.

Plagiarism as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary is “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own”. In today’s world of technology, it is easy to use Google to find a quote and use it. However, members MUST always identify the author. This also holds true with the work of members and spiritual advisors. When quoting from other members we must identify it by stating ‘in Mrs. Smith’s communique’, or as stated ‘on the Vatican website’, then we are able to quote the information in our written or oral reports. When direct quotes are used in your written work and being sent to someone on another level of the League, copy the direct quote and include it as an attachment with your report, so others have the actual wording of the quote. For example, when I use quotes in my articles for the magazine, I include a copy of the quote when I send my article to national office, so they can verify the wording I’ve used is accurate. This is a time saver for the staff as they not only have to verify every quote in the articles, but also do selective testing of word groupings to show the selection is not a quote from another author.

1-888 phone number
At the winter meeting of the national executive/board, it was decided that the 1-888 telephone live be discontinued. National office staff is informing callers that this toll-free phone number will be discontinued and are encouraging callers to follow the communication chain of command. Please see the communication policy below:

**Communication Policy: For all information, concerns and/or inquiries the flow of communication starts with the parish council and follows the chain of command to diocesan, then to provincial and then to national council. To endorse and promote this communication policy, the national executive has decided to discontinue the toll-free 1-888 telephone line effective June 30, 2019 as it will no longer be required. Thank you for your cooperation.**

Website Posting
A friendly reminder that council websites (provincial, diocesan and parish) should only be posting material that originates from that council. Links should be provided to items that originate or are owned by other councils/levels. It has come to the attention of national office that The Catholic Women’s League of Canada Plans Strategically 2018-2022 document was posted to some websites.

The National Manual of Policy and Procedure outlines in section 10 Media, Thoughts Around Website Development: Suggested Don’ts:
• Duplicate material that can be found on other CWL sites that have ownership over the material (e.g., national reports – a link to the national page will suffice).

The strategic plan document noted above is available at or can be accessed through the website’s quick link. Please review provincial/ diocesan/ parish council websites and update/revise accordingly.

Salt + Light
Interested in deepening your faith during the Lenten season? Consider watching faith-based programming. Visit for a programming schedule or local television listings for air dates and times.

Dates to remember
The Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel mass will be televised on Friday, April 26, 2019 on Vision TV. It will be taped at Loretto Abbey Chapel, 101 Mason Blvd. Toronto, Ontario, Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. Encourage councils to check local television listings for air times.

World Communications Day will be celebrated on June 2, 2019, the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord. For a link to Pope Francis’ message visit

Questions to ponder this Lenten Season
Lord, how am I doing? Am I living up to Your expectations this Lent? What do You ask of me? In consideration of the theme Care for Our Common Home, am I conserving water, keeping in mind people throughout the world that do not have ample safe drinking water? Are there other ways I should educate myself on the conservation of water?

I wish you a spiritually enriched Lenten season and a joyful Easter with the Risen Christ!