Communique #03 – Legislation

March 28, 2019

National Chairperson of Legislation Betty Colaneri, March 28, 2019


My sisters in the League:

Care for Our Common Home provides the perfect opportunity for members to raise self-awareness in taking steps to protect the environment and the world we live in. Pope Francis asks a very profound question, “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us,…?”

Please draw attention to the legislation parish memo recently sent out. It contains information regarding Bill C-57 An Act to Amend the Federal Sustainable Development Act which received royal assent on February 29, 2019, as well as information regarding the importance of sustainable development.

Time sensitive!
The draft 2019 to 2022 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy may be read or downloaded at along with the 2018 Progress Report on the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy. The later document details the efforts and progress of 41 federal government departments and agencies in implementing the strategy for sustainability, in achieving its targets and areas where additional work is needed. The website offers information, goals and suggestions on how members can do their part to help the environment and asks for the submission of comments by April 2, 2019. Encourage members to share comments by the deadline date.

Reference guide
The legislation standing committee is working on a reference guide of nationally adopted resolutions instrumental in the implementation of federal bills that became law. Members have requested information be made available for use in presentations and as a point of reference in discussions. The reference guide may become a beneficial tool in recruiting members interested in making a difference.

The committee welcomes member input! If there is a resolution that should be on the list, kindly forward the information to me. Also consider providing resolutions that remained for action at provincial council level. There was and is a great deal of work being done in provincial councils creating an impact that can become a useful reference.

In summary, encourage members to:
 Read the draft 2019 to 2022 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy
 Make comments before the April 2, 2019 deadline
 Read Bill C-57, monitor the law and pending regulations about the environment
 Get in touch with a local political representative and discuss what can be done to work together
for a sustainable world.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” (Robert Swan).