Communique #03 – Communications

January 25, 2019

National Chairperson of Communications Doreen Gowans, January 25, 2019


Welcome to an exciting new year of League fun and activities starting with the new theme Care for our Common Home! National President Anne-Marie Gorman would like members’ focus to be on conserving water in the first year of her term! Canadians are fortunate to have water and for the most part lots of it, but if not looked after then grandchildren and future generations may not have such a plentiful resource.

The following are some suggestions to conserve water:
• Turn off the tap while brushing teeth or use a cup of water for rinsing.
• Only turn on the washing machine when there is a full load or use the small load option.
• Use the eco cycle if your washing machine has that as an option.

On the spiritual side:
• Women are keepers of water
• Water is a gift from God – use it wisely.

World Communications Day June 2, 2019: coincides with the Feast of the Ascension of The Lord! In his bulletin dated September 29, 2018, Pope Francis announced that the theme for the 53rd World Communications Day will be, “‘We are members one of another’ (Eph. 4:25). From network community to human communities.” The Holy Father invites people to take time and add value to personal communication with one another. He also encourages us to take digital communication to a personal level by using dialogue to reach out and meet others. For more information Google World Communications Day 2019 or visit the Vatican website

Friday, April 26, 2019 – Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel: Once again the League is sponsoring a mass on Vision TV, offered for living and deceased members and spiritual advisors. The taping will take place at Loretto Abbey Chapel, 101 Mason Blvd. Toronto, Ontario on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. Check local television listings for air times. Ontario members living in the area are encouraged to attend.

National Website: the national website is up and running and I pray that you are enjoying the new format.

The search button has been reinstalled. Hurray! Personally, I find it a very useful tool. Additionally, you can access information of your choosing quickly and efficiently by clicking the items at the bottom of the home page.

As the implementation committee reveals strategic planning information it will be posted to

A reminder to encourage submissions to On the Spot. Members enjoy seeing the good things various councils across the country are doing. It’s time to for parish councils to toot their horns and share accomplishments!

The Canadian League: will be released February 5, 2019. Please encourage members to read and share it. What would you like to see in the League magazine? I look forward to receiving feedback from you on improvements and on creating features/articles of more interest and value to members.

Association of Roman Catholic Communicators of Canada: I was fortunate to participate in a webinar featuring Andrew Ehrkamp, editor of Grandin Media. Grandin Media is a Catholic news website from Edmonton, Alberta and is seen as the successor to Western Catholic Reporter newspaper. Named after Bishop Vital-Justin Grandin who walked many kilometers in his snowshoes, it hopes to follow his footsteps and grow across the country. News is consumed in a variety of formats other than print. Encourage members to consider entering the digital news reporting age and find a wealth of knowledge, learning more about current issues from a Catholic perspective. For more information visit

The following resolutions need action. Please write letters and talk to members of parliament and legislative assembly:

2004.11 Link Between Violent, Graphic Imagery and Aggressive Behaviour and the Mechanic of Killing
This resolution asks provincial councils to urge provincial/territorial governments to:
• Establish procedures to prohibit the sale and/or rental and/or distribution to minors of videos, movies and games that contain graphic imagery which promotes violence and even killing as an acceptable behaviour.
• Ensure that the educational system contains required curricula to provide students with the tools to respond thoughtfully and critically to media content.

2002.11 Responsible Internet Use for Children
This resolution asks members to:
• Encourage the federal government to continue supporting research and the development of tools to protect children against offensive content on the Internet.
• Encourage members to educate themselves and their families on safe, wise and responsible Internet use.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us always as we journey through the process of planning strategically
with our sisters in the League!