Communique #03 – Christian Family Life

March 01, 2019

National Chairperson of Christian Family Life Pat Deppiesse, March 1, 2019


Sanctity of Life
The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) reports that National Week for Life and the Family will be celebrated May 12th-19th, coinciding with Mother’s Day. The theme is Listening to the Gospel as a Family. Resources prepared by the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) are available at to help plan activities.

Pro-Life Brochure
I was given the honour of re-writing the League’s pro-life brochure. Ideas are presented on how members can assist with the special times of life’s beginnings and natural endings, provides educational suggestions and includes the beautiful Prayer for the Protection of Human Life provided by COLF. Please advise members in your province of this revised brochure. Encourage them to download it from and print it for use in their parishes.

Ministry to Family and Youth
The Office for Evangelization and Catechesis (English Sector) recently developed a new resource on family catechesis, which provides insight into the value of family catechesis as a means to evangelization for children and the adults who accompany them. It includes tips for planning family catechesis, templates with sample learning activities, links to a variety of websites that offer additional resources for family catechesis, and three embedded videos from dioceses that have introduced new models of family catechesis. For more information visit, click on Office for Evangelization and Catechesis on the left hand side, and then on Family Catechesis for the pdf document.

Please consider copying the following message on Ministry to Separated and Divorced into your communiques, and ask the diocesan chairpersons to do the same. This regards a new and important initiative for members. Thank you.

Ministry to Separated and Divorced
National Chairperson of Christian Family Life Pat Deppiesse’s article in the upcoming spring 2019 issue of The Canadian League contains information about the annulment process when some marriages just can’t be saved. Families affected by divorce may not be aware of available help allowing them to move forward and return to the graces of the church by petitioning for a declaration of nullity of their former marriage. Consider reaching out in compassion, with loving prayers and supportive companionship to those affected by divorce. To assist with this initiative a booklet entitled Annulment Process will be available on the national website on April 23rd. This booklet was compiled with the assistance of the Vancouver archdiocesan marriage tribunal office. An effective educational tool for members and councils, the booklet may be downloaded from and copies printed for council use.

Sunday, May 12th is the 56th annual World Day of Prayer for vocations. Visit for more details, resources or to read Pope Francis’ 2018 World Day of Vocations message, “We are not victims of chance or swept up in a series of unconnected events; on the contrary, our life and our presence in this world are the fruit of a divine vocation!” A short video to promote and support vocations is also available.

Sub-committee member Nancy Simms writes, “Often we think that the calling to serve God through the vocation of becoming a nun, or for our men to become priests or brothers, are just for ‘other’ people. The call doesn’t come to people in the ‘real’ world. It certainly would not be for me, or for my children or grandchildren! Yet, when we turn off the noise of our busy lives, we often hear a call that we realize was always there, but were working hard to tune out. Two exemplary witnesses of this call may be found on YouTube at:
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Please consider attending as many upcoming conventions as you can!

May God bless all of you.