Communique #02 – Secretaries-Treasurers

November 26, 2018

National Secretary-Treasurer Janet McLean, November 26, 2018


It’s budget time! The financial year end is near, and Christmas will be here before you know it. What a busy and exciting time of year. The national board completed its midterm meeting and decisions were made which I ask you to share with your counterparts at the diocesan and/or parish level as soon as possible.

Funds received by national office as of November l6, 2018 for the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) through the national voluntary fund will be released to D&P immediately. The funds were held due to questions the League had regarding programs supported by D&P partners. A letter accompanying the cheque will state that the monies are not to be used to support any organization that does not follow the social and moral teachings of the Catholic church. Additionally, effective immediately, no funds will be accepted from parish councils by national office for D&P until the review of its partner organizations by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has been completed. Cheques for D&P received from parishes will be returned to the remitting council. A press release may be found on the League’s website regarding this issue. I appreciate your help in spreading this information to members as soon as possible. Many parish councils send one cheque to national office for voluntary fund contributions, and I do not want the other voluntary funds to be adversely affected by this decision.

As announced earlier this year, the registration fee for the annual national convention has been increased to $100.00 effective as of the 2019 convention. The board approved a motion that life members who register as life members for the national convention will pay a $50.00 registration fee, with national council assuming the other half of the fee. Should life members register as either diocesan or provincial accredited delegates, they will pay the full $100.00 registration fee.

Beginning in 2019, the application fee for life membership will increase to $200.00. The fee has not increased since the early 1920s. This is quite a modest increase compared to what it should be if adjusted for inflation since that time.

The parish liability insurance will no longer be paid by national council beginning with the February 2020 renewal of the policy. The insurance had been paid by parish councils until assumed by national council in 2015. Parish councils will receive the necessary information regarding the liability insurance, which will be coordinated by national office as was done in the past.

It is estimated that the cost per member for parish councils will be between $0.60 and $0.75.
Finally, the treasurer’s online survey form did not show Coady International as one of the national voluntary funds. This was an oversight. Councils that contributed to Coady through the voluntary fund should include the donation in the “comments” section of this question.

If you need additional information on any of the above matters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

With my prayers and best wishes to you and your families for a blessed and happy Christmas and a joyous New Year.