Communique #02 – Laws

March 11, 2019

National Past President and Chairperson of Laws Margaret Ann Jacobs, March 11, 2019


Dear Sisters in the League,

Always challenging and often avoided is the dread task of reviewing a council’s manual of policy and procedure. It is the duty of past presidents to conduct this annual review for suggested additions, deletions or corrections and bring these potential changes to the executive (diocesan and provincial) and membership (parish) prior to revising the manual. It is also important for past presidents to forward any proposed revisions for the National Manual of Policy and Procedure (P&P) to national office by December 1st each year.

Encourage councils to draft manuals of policy and procedure designed specifically for their level. Guidelines are available on the website under 800 Series Workshops – 812 How to Prepare a Parish Council Manual of Policy and Procedure. Manuals of policy and procedure are complementary to the Constitution & Bylaws (C&B) and must be consistent with the C&B.

The P&P as well as council manuals need to be monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure compliance and/or the need for change. The P&P ensures the orderly administration of affairs. Each council’s manual will embrace procedures that more specifically reflect its work, but will still be in compliance with the national manual.

Revisions approved at the national executive meeting will soon be posted on the national website and will be circulated in the parish council mailing. Please encourage councils and members to update the manuals. Take time to read and reflect on the changes made and be willing to respond to questions regarding them. This will be even more important as national council actively supports and pursues its own communication plan, i.e., questions/concerns are passed up and down the chain of command from parish, diocesan, provincial and national councils.

Past presidents know and appreciate the value of the P&P and C&B, both of which are exceptional resources to guide and form decisions when called upon to address. Be ready for the questions! Consider obtaining updated copies.