Resolutions Communique #1 — Joan Bona

August 31, 2016


August 30, 2016 Communiqué #01

One Heart, One Voice, One Mission: Palliative and Hospice Care
TO: Provincial Chairpersons of Resolutions
CC: National Executive (for information)
FROM: Joan Bona, National Chairperson of Resolutions
ATT: Oral Report presented at the 2016 Annual National Convention
Resolutions at a Glance
List of 2016 Provincial Chairpersons of Resolutions

God’s mercy can make even the driest land become a garden, can restore life to dry bones (cf. Ez 37:1-14). … Let us be renewed by God’s mercy, let us be loved by Jesus, let us enable the power of his love to transform our lives too; and let us become agents of this mercy, channels through which God can water the earth, protect all creation and make justice and peace flourish.
Pope Francis’ Easter Urbi et Orbi message on March 31, 2013

It is indeed with honour and privilege that I introduce myself to you as the new national chairperson of resolutions. The words of our affirmation, “I will, with God’s help” truly resonate within me beginning this new journey at the national level.

I grew up in a small Acadian village on Cape Breton Island and have been a member of St. Louis Catholic Women’s League in Louisdale, Nova Scotia for 35 years. I have been married to Lou almost 41 years and we have been blessed with two children, Craig and Crystal, and three beautiful grandchildren whom we adore. Our close-knit community consists of many families who are related through Acadian ancestry and therefore we practically know everyone around. When time permits, I delve into my family history and recount stories of my ancestors through their trials and triumphs. My other interests include camping and boating. I currently work as a school board secretary/executive secretary to the superintendent of schools for the Strait Regional School Board with added duties of information and access privacy. We have plans to retire in several years and look forward to some travel time.

At the 2016 annual national convention recently held in Halifax, five resolutions were adopted. All of the resolutions can be found in their entirety on the national website. I will highlight each resolution and related actions with their respective standing committee designation for your information and follow-up. The attached document entitled Resolutions At-A-Glance highlights the key components of the resolution title with the related standing committee responsibility, the resolved clause and accompanying action plans. As you know, resolutions bring an awareness of a concern or injustice, and guides members in their work. Many hours of work and prayer have been attributed to the creation and development of resolutions on behalf of members. Nurtured at the parish level and affirmed at each League level thereafter, let’s bear witness to these resolutions by engaging members to advocate, to write letters and follow through on the suggested action plans.

I am excited to feature 2016 Resolutions:
Resolution 2016.01: Equal Access to Permanent Resident Status, an Amendment to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Community Life) – urges the federal government to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act so that foreign workers may apply for permanent resident status regardless of occupational classification.
Resolution 2016.02: Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide (Education and Health) – urges the federal government:
• To revise Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide using evidence-based guidelines;
• To set policy to review the guide every five years; and
• To publish the date of revision on the guide.
Resolution 2016.03: Warning Labels on Drugs and Food Products (Education and Health) – urges the federal government:
• To require detailed warning labels on food and drug products containing all inactive substances and additives that may cause adverse reactions
• To require that patient information sheets accompanying pharmaceuticals include a list of all inactive substances and potential adverse reactions
• To engage in a program of public education focusing on the possible adverse effects of all inactive substances and additives.
Resolution 2016.04: Amend the Canada Health Act to Identify Palliative Care as an Insured Health Service (Legislation) – urges the federal government:
• To identify palliative care as an insured health service covered under the Canada Health Act;
• To develop a national strategy for uniform standards and delivery of palliative care as defined by the World Health Organization; and
• That the ten provincial councils urge their provincial/territorial governments to provide palliative care as an insured service covered under their provincial/territorial health act as deemed necessary/prudent.
Resolution 2016.05: Amend the Canada Health Act to Identify Home Care as an Insured Health Service (Legislation) – urges the federal government to amend the Canada Health Act to include home care as an insured health service.

One of the early tasks which national chairpersons must complete are short and long term planning goals. I envision this task as a shared one and invite your input in determining these goals. It is necessary for me to have these to national office by September 15th, so a short time-frame for responses.

Keep posted for plans of the national executive delegation’s annual visit to Ottawa in 2016. My prayers and blessings for an exciting year ahead! “We will, with God’s help”!

Joan Bona
National Chairperson of Resolutions