2016 Annual Report – Saskatchewan

August 17, 2017

Jean Reader
Saskatchewan Provincial Council President
2016 Annual Report

Travelling across Saskatchewan meeting many new members was a rewarding experience. The very first parish council visit at Our Lady of Sorrows (Fort Qu’Appelle) was a warm and wonderful encounter. Attending many such events, it became clear that the membership is a wonderful group of faith filled women inspired by the Holy Spirit to spread the good news while working for God, the parish, the province and Canada.

Most councils took up the torch of palliative care by hosting guest speakers, reading many books and pamphlets, and having discussions about the need for more palliative care. After taking part in the “12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care”, members decided the best way to support doctors and other healthcare staff who are against medical assistance in dying. Knowledge is very powerful.

Members who took lay formation programs were very active in their churches and communities, becoming beacons of hope and faith as Christian women to those in parishes looking for leadership.

What about the knitters and sewers? They had their work cut out making prayer shawls, lap warmers, blankets and quilts for palliative care. Then there were the women who organized bake sales, craft sales and trade shows, and ran clothing depots. Never to be forgotten were the members who looked after funeral arrangements, assisted in organizing the services or prepared the food for receptions after the services. There were so many “Mary and Martha” women in parish councils using their talents to the best of their ability. Women aspired to be active members in their parish and community.

Attending diocesan conventions was a real eye-opener into what parish councils were doing to bring new ideas to the forefront. It was a great time for renewing old acquaintances and making new friends while providing an opportunity to discuss how to attract new members. With so many new things available to attract younger members, the main point was not to hide away in a corner. Members were encouraged to be proud and let their little light shine. They were advised to not be afraid to get their parish priest’s per-mission to speak before or after mass about the League.

This is my last report as provincial president. Saskatchewan Provincial President-Elect Margaret Schwab will be taking over the role. I hope she has as much fun and fulfillment as I have had during my two years. To everyone that I have met during my presidency, what a blessing you are.