2016 Annual Report – Prince Edward Island

August 17, 2017

Irene Gallant
Prince Edward Island Provincial Council President
2016 Annual Report

Prince Edward Island Provincial Council had 17 out of 35 parish councils report through the online reporting system. Additional reports were received in paper format which, while not included in the summary report from national, were very similar to those from the online system.

The council’s main priorities included:
• Spirituality, both personally and with their sisters in the League.
• Palliative care, including praying for patients and supporting them physically or financially.
• Keeping the League alive by informing members of issues and concerns and reaching out to women in the parishes to hopefully increase membership.

Issues that presidents spoke about on behalf of their councils included:
• Recruitment of new members, especially on CWL Sundays and other special events.
• Abortion, physician assisted dying and palliative care.
Providing leadership support for presidents when they assumed their new role included:
• Overwhelmingly, past presidents were their support network while other executive members were also supportive.
• Spiritual advisors, both at the parish level and provincial level.

Greatest challenges new presidents faced in transitioning into the role of president included:
• Feeling comfortable in their role as president, especially for those who were recent members of councils or had limited experience.
• Keeping abreast of issues both at the parish and provincial levels, and keeping members informed.
• Keeping a positive attitude and finding peace, hope and love for everyone.

Presidents got information for their members from:
• Provincial communiqués, newsletters and the website.
The Canadian League magazine.
• National communiqués.

The most popular method of introducing new topics was time set aside at the general meeting to discuss and take action. Presidents reported they did not meet frequently with the spiritual advisor, but they often attended the council meeting. All presidents reported that spiritual advisors were supportive of the League.

Most councils met monthly and did not meet over the summer. They had a copy of the Constitution & Bylaws, Executive Handbook and National Manual of Policy and Procedure together with the council’s own policy and procedures. In terms of representing their councils, presidents indicated attendance at conferences, provincial convention, special masses and workshops. However, some financial support for presidents to attend these events was limited. Methods used to keep members informed included oral or written reports at meetings, e-mail and the telephone.

With respect to the theme, councils could easily focus on their activities. Most councils had at least one guest speaker who touched on topics such as palliative care, spiritual retreats and prayer services. The provincial spiritual advisor and the provincial chairperson of spiritual development travelled to councils to share their learning on the theme, and the provincial direction on palliative care and the elderly, with a quiet setting for reflection and discussion.

There was a very successful provincial convention, two fall conferences and four area meetings held so that an optimum number of members could attend. A retreat for parish council presidents was held, offering a great presentation, lovely meal, and an opportunity for sharing and getting to know one another.

Councils were very supportive of their parishes, doing whatever was necessary to support parishioners and the community. Focus was placed on the elderly by keeping in touch with them through visits and cards, as well as the youth with gifts for baptism, first communion and confirmation or school prizes. Many councils supported immigrants coming into their communities and those less fortunate.

The activities that took place and preparations made to host the national convention in Prince Edward Island in 2017 cannot be forgotten. Volunteers worked on various committees, making items for gift baskets and providing financial support. Excitement was building!

May Our Lady of Good Counsel continue to bless us and guide us as Prince Edward Island Provincial Council goes forward and spreads love, peace and hope to everyone as members respond to God’s call.