2016 Annual Report – National Chairperson of Communications

August 16, 2017

Shari Guinta
National 2nd Vice-President and Chairperson of Communications
2016 Annual Report

Sub-Committee Chairpersons:
Media – Teresa Winchester
Technology – Ingrid LeFort

The Canadian League was used and promoted in all councils that reported and was used as a teaching tool and for information. Councils referred to articles at meetings and left extra copies in parishes as reading material for parishioners. Compliments have come in from members, clergy and parishioners, both male and female, regarding the quality of articles in the magazine. As communications chairperson, I have submitted an article for each issue of The Canadian League and concentrated on the subject of pornography by promoting the Pornography Hurts Campaign and offering re-sources to councils including some websites where members can get information about the harmful effects of pornography.

Councils reported participating in the campaign by sending the post cards to members of parliament. Councils were encouraged to engage speakers about the issue. Over 18 and the website “Fight the New Drug” were promoted. Over 18 is a documentary that councils can access and use for council meetings to learn more about the harmful and addictive effects of pornography and information about it was sent in the spring parish mailing of 2017. It compares how pornography was viewed in the magazine era and what it has become in the Internet era.

In addition, advantage was taken of the many sources of media for announcements and promotion of the League including local news-papers, TV with free community announcements, local radio community calendars and Catholic publications (The Catholic Register, Prairie Messenger.)

The Internet has become an important tool for processing and distributing information. Members used Facebook to keep in touch and inform. Councils reported using the national website often for research material and review of communiqués. It was interesting to see that Be League was not as popular as it was originally thought to be. The decision was made to discontinue it and “On the Spot!” was launched.

Last year Salt + Light TV participated in the annual national convention in Halifax. It has once again been invited to participate in the annual national convention and been asked to do more impromptu, on the sport interviews. There will once again be live streaming and my communiqués and the parish mailing promoted the viewing of the live streaming in councils for the guest speakers and reports.

Arrangements were made for the Vision TV Catholic Women’s League sponsored mass on May 4th for the “12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care” and members in the Toronto area were invited to attend the taping.

The organizational chart that my predecessor Fran Lucas initiated was designed and published.