2015 Annual Report – Quebec

October 01, 2016

Ingrid Lefort
Quebec Provincial Council President
2015 Annual Report

Councils were invited to use the online reporting system as much as possible in order to transition to a new method of reporting. Some found this an enjoyable experience; others preferred using both methods and some continued with the standard method of reporting. In order to fully experience this change, the provincial executive also did its reporting differently, though not online. It was discovered that when a new process is trusted, it can be surprising what is revealed.

Once having consulted the statistics report summary of the parishes, the main issues of concern in councils were physician-assisted dying, pornography and the refugee crisis. The main priorities identified were membership and maintaining councils, prayer and helping others.

When I looked at the main issues and priorities, one positive element I observed was the sense of joy and pride I felt that so many Catholic women stepped forward to serve the church and the world.

One challenging element I observed was the concern for maintaining councils and membership that needed to be tackled with simplicity and, more often than not, a leap of faith. It was hoped that this would bring about some concrete action or pilot projects in the future.

Provincial officers were asked, “What was at the heart of your mission as a provincial officer this past year?” This year, the heart of my mission was to strengthen the provincial council’s work as an executive team. I also tried to give both support and encouragement to the provincial chairperson of organization, along with the rest of the executive, so that it might have three different provincial workshops to offer this year.

When asked to name one thing that each provincial officer discovered or that they wished to share, particularly of use for the future, it seemed the executive focused on strengthening members through training and fellowship. In future, the provincial council would be called to go one step further and become missionary as sisters with non-members in the future (building new partnerships).

Many members and leaders in the province at different levels attended the 95th annual national convention in Vancouver. There were many fruits from the spiritual nourishment received through the keynote speakers and other content –at many meetings since then, someone will reference what was learned from these gospel witnesses. As a provincial executive, part of the decision making was inspired by the concepts learned. It is with a sense of gratitude that we look back at the accomplishments of the previous year, all while looking ahead to the work to be done.