2015 Annual Report – Military Ordinariate

October 01, 2016

Shelley DeSerres
Military Ordinariate Provincial Council President
2015 Annual Report

I am amazed at the work that has been accomplished by so few women who have a common goal. That is what I felt when I read the annual reports from councils across Canada. Members were busy, not only with their personal and private lives, but with their work “For God and Canada.”

Members kept their spiritual life blossoming by attending World Day of Prayer, bible studies and pilgrimages. They were active in Catholic Missions In Canada, St. Anne’s Mission (Watson Lake, Yukon), YESS: Youth Empowerment & Support Services, and other organizations in their communities.

The bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada was very involved in pilgrimages to Lourdes and one League spiritual advisor has been sponsored by the League to attend. It was hoped this would become an annual tradition.

The provincial council developed a new bursary program for its members to attend training, workshops or courses that pertain to furthering their faith. Work with The Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative to end the use and recruitment of child soldiers was ongoing. As well as provincial support, some councils decided to make annual donations to the initiative.

The newest project of the provincial council was to work toward introducing a resolution on post traumatic stress disorder. Members were busy researching the issue and how members could help those who suffer from this debilitating health issue.