2014 Annual Report – Resolutions

September 02, 2015

Jacqueline Nogier
National Chairperson of Resolutions
2014 Annual Report

Research and preparation of resolutions and briefs
Many provincial councils reported hosting and attending resolutions workshops and resolution dialogue sessions. These learning opportunities served as a way of increasing knowledge around the topic of resolution writing and taking away the hesitation that many members experience when considering taking the position of resolution chairperson. Members were educated on resolution topics through a variety of ways including educational sessions, guest speakers and attending conferences. Councils noted that attending Catch the Fire! workshops reinforced the value of resolutions to members.

Five resolutions were adopted at the annual national convention:

Resolution 2014.01 Restoration of Health Care for Refugee Claimants
Resolution 2014.02 Electronic Cigarettes
Resolution 2014.03 Flavoured Tobacco Products Ban
Resolution 2014.04 National Standard for Newborn Screening Including Screening for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
Resolution 2014.05 Old Age Security Allowance for Individuals 60 to 64 Years of Age Regardless of Marital Status

Study and implementation of resolutions adopted by other levels
Many councils reported that letter writing was still the most effective ways for their members to take action on resolutions adopted. Members wrote to federal and provincial government ministers, as well as provincial and federal constituency representatives. Frustration was expressed about the difficulty in tracking numbers of letters sent and replies received.

Provincial councils reported that The Canadian League magazine and the national website were important sources of information for members when they wanted to learn more about resolutions adopted at the national level.

Meetings with provincial governments
Provincial councils reported that it was more difficult to secure meetings with provincial governments this year. Some meetings were held with individual provincial ministers and members of parliament. One provincial council reported securing a meeting with the premier and cabinet in 2014 but delayed the meeting until early 2015 due to the unrest within the government itself.

Meetings with federal government
A meeting was initially planned for mid-November with federal government officials but it was decided to postpone the meeting until March 2015.

In Conclusion
I was awestruck when I read about all of the work undertaken across the country. Even though members were reluctant to take the position of resolutions chairperson, they still took action in many ways. Members reported a desire for more training on the topic of resolutions writing. More education was needed on the process that occurs before resolutions are recommended by the national executive to be considered at national convention as councils have expressed frustration when all resolutions are not considered for adoption.

A very thorough archiving policy for resolutions has been in place and will be continued. Attempts will be made to make the process more transparent by communicating specific reasons why resolutions are archived.