2013 Annual Report – Resolutions

June 12, 2014


Research and preparation of resolutions and briefs
All provincial councils that reported on the resolutions standing committee said work was done in the area of letter writing and examination of resolution topics, as well as presentation of workshops. Chairpersons mentioned that Catch the Fire! sessions stimulated interest and excitement about resolutions.
Provincial councils worked on their own resolutions by way of presentations and meetings with provincial and municipal governments, and two councils reported reviewing older resolutions and using the material in their workshops and information sessions.

Two resolutions were adopted at the 93rd annual national convention:
• 2013.01: Building Relationships and Partnerships with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples
• 2013.02: Employment Insurance Benefits for Cancer Patients and their Caregivers

Other resolutions had been submitted to the national resolutions committee and were either returned to provincial councils for further work or were distributed to standing committee chairpersons and provincial presidents.

Study and implementation of resolutions adopted by other levels
Particular resolutions mentioned include:

Number Title Action


Building Relationships and Partnerships with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples

Letter writing, outreach, speakers


Criminalization of the Purchasing of Sexual Services



Employment Insurance Benefits for Adoptive Mothers

Letter writing


Children of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Discussions at council meetings


National Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Registry

Discussions at council meetings, members signed the registry


Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Awareness campaigns, letter writing


Protection of Human Life

Letter writing


Anti-Bullying Programs

Letter writing and presentations at government meetings


Protection of the Pre-born Child

Discussions at council meetings

Meetings with provincial governments
Two provincial councils specifically reported meeting with provincial and municipal government representatives.

Meetings with federal government
Two meetings were successful in 2013 as the national delegation met with federal offices in March and November in Ottawa. The visits were fruitful in many ways. A complete report was printed in the fall 2013 and winter 2014 editions of The Canadian League. Along with me, the delegation included Betty Anne Brown Davidson and National Chairperson of Legislation Anne Gorman.

In March, six government offices were visited, including the Canadian International Development Agency. Resolution 2012.01 and Resolution 2012.02 were presented.

The November 2013 meeting was particularly fruitful as two opportunities presented themselves that the delegation was not expecting. One was a meeting with the chairperson of the Aboriginal affairs and northern development committee and the other was with the prime minister’s advisor of stakeholder relations. The delegation met with nine different offices in total.

Activities undertaken
As an alternative action presented to national council after one resolution was proposed and then withdrawn, a letter was drafted and sent to all MPs on the topic of sex selective abortion. The letter was discussed with all government offices during the November visit to Ottawa, as was the Pornography Hurts postcard campaign.

After a thorough review, a revised resolutions archiving policy was approved by the national executive at its winter meeting. The resolutions dialogue session at national convention was modified and well received. 