2013 Annual Report – New Brunswick

June 12, 2014


I have received reports from all four diocesan councils, representing 48 parish councils, 2,361 members (including 13 associate members) and 17 life members. Members are very interested in recruiting new members, and it seems to be paying off. I am very proud of members, and with all the work that has been accomplished, such as the Catch the Fire! program and other workshops that have been given.

Members were recognized at awards dinners and end-of-year parties. I was delighted to attend diocesan conventions in Moncton and Saint John, and to be invited to the 60th anniversary of St. Vincent Parish Council (Sackville). I attended the 80th anniversary of St Vincent de Paul Parish Council (Oromocto), the 93rd annual national convention in Regina, and national executive meetings in November in Winnipeg and in February in Toronto. I also attended planning meetings in Fredericton for the 94th annual national convention. I submitted reports to national at various periods throughout the year and all reports were submitted on time.

News in the province was published in a newsletter by a fine sister who kept members up to date on events. The spring provincial executive meeting was held in Chatham in March with all members in attendance.

It has been a privilege to be a part of my sisters in the past two years. You have been kind and so very helpful and pleasant to me, which shows the acceptance of this office. I would be remiss not to show my deepest appreciation to Fr. Paulin for his kindness, advice and encouragement in all my endeavours during my two years in office. I also want to thank my executive officers, as well as all my sisters. They were always there for me. Being president has been a great blessing for me and I pray for the new sister that takes my place in June.