2013 Annual Report – Laws

June 12, 2014


“Past presidents are important for the longevity of councils and for councils to move forward, while at the same time allowing us to connect in a meaningful way with the past,” were the words used by one past president.

Serve in a consultative capacity
Past presidents served, not only as a resource, but as a model to new members by promoting the spirituality and motto of the League. They attended meetings, presented workshops, assisted with policy and procedure reviews, helped with compiling annual reports, encouraged members to take executive positions, chaired nominations and elections committees, and assisted in chairing meetings. One past president was involved in establishing a new council.

Be responsible for archives and history
To ensure the preservation of League history, past presidents worked to locate missing files and to ensure that archival material was relocated to a safe and secure location. Photo albums and scrapbooks were updated, and photographs were converted onto acetate pages for preservation. Some past presidents converted photographs to discs and meeting minutes to flash drives as a backup for existing records. Past presidents made sure photographs were taken at special events and that photo albums would be displayed.

Facilitate the study and implementation of the Constitution & Bylaws
As an amended C&B was adopted in 2013, past presidents were very much involved in assisting with the proposed amendments as they were presented and discussed at each level. Many councils reported receiving and studying the changes. Some councils provided copies of the C&B for all members, as well as new members when they joined. The C&B served as a resource to resolve questions.

Perform other duties as assigned by the president
Past presidents represented councils at events, attended conventions, and developed, assisted and facilitated workshops. Many were actively involved in Catch the Fire! sessions. They researched, updated and assisted in studying the P&P. Past presidents assisted with membership recruitment and acted as mentors, making their knowledge and experience in the League available to not only the president but any council member. As one past president stated, “Contrary to what many members may believe, the role of past president is not dull and quiet. It is, in fact, interesting, active, vibrant and an integral part of every council’s life.”