2012 Annual Report – Secretary-Treasurer

February 04, 2014

2012 Annual Report
National Secretary-Treasurer
Judy Lewis

Secretaries were signing officers and most served as recording and correspondence secretaries. They prepared and distributed meeting minutes, agendas and event plans and updated the motions books and calendars in paper and electronic form. They sent, received and distributed council correspondence. Some secretaries reported filing and archiving documents.

Secretaries reported setting personal goals pertaining to the position, composing memos and updating and distributing the president’s contact list. They reviewed manuals and documents obtained during handover of positions.

Diocesan secretaries reported receiving the minutes of meetings by e-mail. Print copies were delivered to diocesan executive meetings. Secretaries reported using the national and provincial websites to access updates and pertinent information. E-mail was used to communicate roster changes and information between and within councils.

The biggest challenge secretaries reported was communication of changes in diocesan executive and obtaining names and contact information of the provincial and national executive. Another challenge was to get executive members to proofread their portions of the minutes before presentation to the membership for approval.

Secretaries suggested using a laptop to record information at meetings, preparing a template document in advance. It was advised that minutes be sent to the executive for review as soon as possible with one or two members participating in the minutes review process. Secretaries suggested they should make every effort to attend provincial and national conventions to connect with other levels of the League.

The national executive met in February, August and October. The finance committee met in October to review, evaluate and prepare the 2013 budget for final presentation to the national executive.

Investments as of December 31, 2012 were $1,722,431 compared to December 31, 2011 at $1,586,068, an increase of $136,363, and due to a positive operating income.

The balance sheet reflected the strength of the League’s asset position. In 2012 the budgeted surplus was $84,000 and the surplus on December 31st was $196,598.

I received the monthly unaudited financial statements and monitored the financial activity in terms of budget allocations and made recommendations to the national executive when necessary. Monthly and annual financial statements were studied, auditor’s recommendations considered and the finance committee advised on implementing recommendations. All major decisions were referred to the national executive with complete background information and recommendations to facilitate sound decision-making.

The finance committee and the national executive worked as a team to be responsible stewards of the League’s finances and to ensure its financial stability well into the future for the benefit of members. Each area of financial activity was scrutinized and closely monitored each month. The cheque registry was reviewed monthly with receipts being provided for all expenses. Each receipt was double and triple checked for accuracy.

Treasurers from across the country reported following Guidelines for Treasurers obtained online or ordered through national office.

The following is a breakdown of the national voluntary funds received:

Catholic Missions In Canada                                                $34,207

Coady International Institute                                                $30,749

Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace 1% Program

MaterCare International                                                     $32,025

Members faithfully donated to parish, community, provincial, national and international charities showing their commitment to fulfilling the League’s mission. Members were a shining example of living out the theme Centred on Faith & Justice.

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada
Financial Statements, December 31, 2012
are available to all members upon request.