2012 Annual Report – Laws

February 04, 2014


2012 Annual Report
Velma Harasen

The role of the past president continues to be vital at all levels of the League. One parish council past president summarized it as follows, “Optimism and encouragement, I believe, are essential. We have a sense of pride, accomplishment, spirituality and gratitude as we contemplate those sisters who laid the foundation of the League as we experience it today.”

Serve in a consultative capacity
Past presidents remained active, promoting the League and providing continuity in activities. They acted as a resource and mentor to their council president, executive and members, assisted councils with agendas, taught computer skills and chaired meetings if needed.

Be responsible for archives and history
To quote one past president, “Archives are lasting records of important historical material from which information, inspiration and enthusiasm for the League are derived.” Past presidents updated council archives, located missing files and assisted with council histories for special anniversaries. Some councils went electronic, keeping photos stored on DVD. While responsible for archives, some shared the job with those who enjoyed the challenge and offered a willing hand. Archiving was done at all levels with some councils maintaining what had been started, some doing catch-up, while others took on the task anew.

Facilitate the study and implementation of the Constitution & Bylaws
Past presidents encouraged the study of the Constitution & Bylaws. Councils allotted time at monthly meetings to become more knowledgeable while others studied it at executive meetings. Past presidents were called upon to interpret sections and presented workshops on its use.

Perform other duties as assigned by the president
Past presidents acted as chairpersons of nominations and elections committees and conducted the installation/reaffirmation of executive and induction of new members. They assisted in establishing or reactivating councils and were involved in many anniversary celebrations. One council formed a committee of past presidents to present the history, Objects and mission statement to members during meetings throughout the year. Past presidents researched, updated and gave instruction on the National Manual of Policy and Procedure. They shared knowledge of League protocol, recruited new members and encouraged renewal of lapsed memberships. They assisted with convention planning, attended conventions and events and facilitated workshops. As one provincial past president commented, “Past presidents wear many hats of responsibility as they provide support to the presidents and their councils.”