2012 Annual Report – International Relations

February 05, 2014


2012 Annual Report
International Relations
National President and Chairperson of International Relations Betty Anne Brown Davidson

Members overwhelmingly completed Velma’s Dream by funding programs at the Infant Welfare Centre in Old Jerusalem and at the Shepherds’ Field Hospital in Bethlehem, both projects overseen by Catholic Near East Welfare Association. This was accomplished with over $45,000 in donations raised in a short period of time. Heightened awareness of the struggles in the Holy Land has prompted a group of members to organize a trip for June 2013.

National President-elect Barbara Dowding and I attended the convention of the National Council of Catholic Women held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in September. This gave us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Maribeth Stewart, the vice-president for North America, World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations.

Thus, in concrete ways, members heartily fulfilled the words of the League prayer “Teach us to share with others at home and abroad, the good things you have given us.”