2008 Annual Report – Legislation

February 04, 2014

2008 Annual Report of 
National Chairperson of Legislation
Judy Lewis

Sub-committee chairpersons:
Mary Heinzmeir, Ann Devlin and Shirley MacDougall

Monitor and Study Legislation at all Levels of Government 
For resource material, members used federal and provincial government Web sites, Catholic Civil Rights League and United Mothers & Fathers Web sites. Members provided information regarding what bills were before parliament and current lists of government representatives at federal and provincial levels.

Members used e-mail, made phone calls, sent petitions and wrote to the prime minister, members of parliament, members of legislative assemblies and local politicians regarding proposed legislation on Bill C-484An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (injuring or causing death of an unborn child while committing an offence), removing the Goods and Services Tax from funeral services, increasing pensions for seniors, pesticide labelling, removing land from agricultural land reserves and revisions to the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Thank you letters were sent to the Government of Prince Edward Island for retaining legislation that disallows Sunday shopping from Christmas to May 1st. Members of one council met with their municipal government and convinced them to reverse their decision to take down the cross at their local cemetery. Support was given to an initiative that led to a municipal bylaw banning the ornamental use of harmful pesticides.

Workshops were held to educate members on how to study legislation. Discussions were held on government bills before the House of Commons and Senate that related to present and past resolutions. Displays were s et up at parish meetings and activities to inform their members and parishioners of resolutions and legislation that are being worked on or discussed at various levels of the League and government. Councils used and circulated the Personal Letter Writing Guide and the booklet Building a Relationship with your M.P.Members continued to pray “A Prayer for Our Elected Officials” at their monthly parish meetings and provincial conventions. The Women’s Fight to Vote brief “History” was read, studied and discussed

One chairperson stated her greatest accomplishment was informing members there is something we can do to promote our concerns. It was noted that we must not ignore legislation in our own municipalities.