2007 Annual Report – Resolutions

February 04, 2014

2007 Annual Report of 
National Chairperson of Resolutions
Betty Anne Brown

?I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you. (Luke 22:15) Sitting at the table and sharing a meal could be a metaphor for the resolutions process in the League.

In parish councils across Canada, members gathered around a table and began to talk about burning issues. They worked at tables and desks as ideas were researched and logically organized for the necessary call to action. They met at convention tables and discussed, honed and voted to adopt resolutions for League focus. When League delegates took resolutions and suggestions to the appropriate government ministries, ideas were often exchanged around a coffee, boardroom or desk-type table.

In parish councils across the country, a new rule of thumb seemed to be emerging. ?A resolution per month? was discussed at meetings and an action plan decided upon for members to follow. Members were kept up-to-date on issues by means of guest speakers, videos, handouts and referrals to The Canadian LeagueLetter writing seemed to be the most significant activity showing the League’s power to educate members and work for social justice.

Research and preparation of resolutions and briefs
Resolutions workshops offered opportunities for members to participate in the research and crafting of potential resolutions in eight provinces. ?There is an air of mystery surrounding the resolutions standing committee that education such as the workshop at the ?regional meeting can dispel. You can almost see people begin to feel confident that they can write a resolution.? (New Brunswick Provincial Chairperson of Resolutions Joyce Green)

Fifteen resolutions were submitted for consideration. Five were presented and three were adopted at the national convention; seven were forwarded to national standing committees for action while five were returned to the provincial councils for further study.

Resolutions adopted in 2007
•  2007.01 Government Funding for Police Records Checks 
•  2007.02 Global Accountability for Canadian Registered Mining Companies
•  2007.03 Hospice Palliative Care: An Integral Component of the Canadian Health Care System

Study and implementation of resolutions passed by other levels
•  Directly due to Resolution 2007.02 Global Accountability for Canadian Registered Mining Companies, the League divested itself of all investments in mining companies with overseas operations in developing countries.
•  Members actively pursued the follow up actions on over 40 current and past resolutions. This follow up action took the form of informative speakers, workshops, petitions, DVD presentations,letter writing campaigns, outreach and financial support programs.
•  Age of protection, human trafficking, palliative care, vigilance against euthanasia and assisted suicide and requesting the Goods and Services Tax be removed from funeral expenses were the most attention-getting issues for members.
•  For direction, members looked to the fall issue of The Canadian League, communiqués and the website for the report on the resolutions adopted at the national convention.
•  Parish councils prayed for the success of government meetings and for those suffering from the issues being addressed.

Presentation of resolutions to government
The League delegation to the federal government met with representatives from five ministries and two members of parliament for more detailed discussions in November. In addition to attending Question Period and observing in the Senate chamber, the delegation attended a press conference, met with Catholic Health Association of Canada Vice-President James Roche and Deborah Gyapong of the Canadian Catholic News over the course of its visit. The government staff people had read the briefs and came prepared to speak to the issues that were raised.

Annual League representation to provincial/territorial governments has become the norm in six provinces. These conversations are two-way interchanges: delegations speak of League concerns and call the governments to action and accountability and governments in turn, request members’ support in moving forward on important issues. As is its annual custom, the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops met and discussed resolutions with the Ontario Provincial Council delegation in September.

Members gained more confidence and a better awareness of their ability to influence action for good in their communities and acted in organized, gentle, persistent, consistent and effective ways to bring about change. In one parish council in British Columbia, 11 resolutions were promoted and acted upon, while another acted on eight resolutions. Top rated speakers were invited to meetings.

National Resolutions Committee
National President Lorette Noble (ex officio);National Spiritual Advisor Archbishop Richard Smith (ex officio); National President-elect Danielle McNeil-Hessian (ex officio); National Chairperson of Resolutions Betty Anne Brown; National Chairperson of Legislation Mary Nordick; Executive Director Kim Scammell (ex officio); Life Member Joleene Kemp; and, Life Member Connie McBride.

When He was at the table with them. Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him.?(Luke 24:28-31)