2007 Annual Report – National President

February 04, 2014

2007 Annual Report of 
National President
Lorette Noble

How does one avoid being repetitive when it comes to writing annual reports? As I read those of the national executive officers and provincial presidents, I realize it’s rather like a hymn of thanksgiving and praise for the sheer magnitude of service, lovingly and freely given by members in parish communities, as well as at the diocesan and provincial levels. So let this be the raison d’êtrefor reporting: to step back and together look at all the good works that have been accomplished this past year. Then we may sing ?Alleluia? from the roof tops!

Conventions are an excellent occasion to take stock and rejoice. Several reports mention the impact of attending conventions: how they energize and give members renewed determination to continue.

The theme Love One Another was enthusiastically embraced by every council in so many ways, helping to focus activities, reminding members of the essential reason for their existence, and centring members’ energies, especially when things sometimes did not go as planned or hoped for.

The theme also encouraged members to look beyond their own pre-occupations and it was interesting to note how often there was reference to the importance and need to keep in touch. Members know that they live in an era of instant communication and are beginning to keep up with this technology, no longer new but ever changing and challenging. Use of the Internet was becoming much more prevalent within parish councils and between the various League levels.

Mentoring was taking centre stage in many councils in a variety of ways, such as outgoing presidents mentoring new presidents; life members mentoring new members; and that important component of mentoring, which is to lend a friendly listening ear, especially when someone is in need of this. This is the strength of the League, which I have heard repeated again and again wherever I have traveled and met members: the solidarity of sisterhood.

Workshops were gaining in popularity and meetings were occasions to grow in knowledge and skills. A wide variety of workshops were geared specifically to the needs of the League, and it was good to know that they were used and much appreciated. They help members to grow and to discover new talents. How exciting that can be!

Many councils celebrated significant anniversaries, and this was the upside of growing in years, not to mention a wonderful excuse for more celebration. It is impressive to know that there are councils still in existence from the very beginning of the League’s founding.

A strong underlying reason for this longevity is that the League is, above all, an organization that cares and moves from caring to action. Read the annual reports at every level. You cannot but be moved by the sheer depth of this caring.

The current issues that concern members, although some are, alas, as old as the hills, are poverty and homelessness; human trafficking; the environment; social justice; and, the dignity of every single person. This is where League resolutions play such a major role in activities, and long may the League continue to be the voice of the voiceless.

The League continued its tradition of bringing this voice to the ears of the federal government. It also added its voice to that of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in response to its request for support of its resolution on capital punishment, requesting the federal government to strenuously intervene with other governments when Canadians face the death penalty abroad.

Did members face challenges? Of course, but they were great problem solvers, and when needing help took steps to get it. The national executive embarked on the development of a marketing strategy to promote the League and renew membership. It will involve the active participation of all members, praying and doing what needs to be done to attract more women to join and keep those who are already members.

Our Lady of Good Counsel will always be at our side. We know we can count on her intercession.