2007 Annual Report – Laws

February 04, 2014

2007 Annual Report of 
National Chairperson of Laws
Agnes Bedard

Serve in a consultative capacity
Past presidents continued to serve in a consultative capacity, were responsible for archives and history at all levels, encouraged and facilitated use of the Constitution & Bylaws (C&B) and did what was asked by council presidents. Past presidents continued to use their talents in service ?For God and Canada.?

Past presidents gave advice when asked, accepted membership on various administrative committees, assisted new presidents in the preparation of agendas and newsletters, encouraged councils to create and keep updated policy manuals, chaired nomination and election committees, encouraged attendance at conventions and workshops, urged members to read and use the C&B and the National Manual of Policy and Procedure (P&P), chaired meetings, nurtured, facilitated discussions and workshops, and acted as parliamentarian at conventions.

Archivists and keepers of history
Past presidents ensured archives were safely stored and significant events compiled into photograph albums, the Book of Life, scrapbooks, DVDs, wall displays, and significant pictures. Digital cameras and computers were used for documenting and storing, sharing guidelines for set-up and maintenance of archives, and to ensure that council histories were complete (someone in each council should be the delegated ?picture taker? and presidents should record the history of her term in office).

Encourage the use of the Constitution & Bylaws
Past presidents ensured that councils had, were comfortable with and used the C&B and P&P, facilitated workshops on the use of these documents, assisted councils in the constitutional amendment process, encouraged councils to prepare their own P&P, and solved problems by using the C&B.

Past presidents recruited members and encouraged former members to rejoin, mentored new members, worked on planning committees for conventions, gave workshops on various aspects of the League, kept in touch with other past presidents and offered their combined energies to the president.

Other duties
The national past president attended celebrations, gave speeches and facilitated workshops, responded to questions regarding the C&B and P&P, was involved with the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations, and served as chairperson of Christian family life in her parish council.