2004.06 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

December 20, 2013


Whereas, Statistics Canada states that the national rate of suicide in Canada is the highest in the western hemisphere; and

Whereas, Suicidal behaviour is preventable; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the national council of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada in 84th annual national convention assembled, urge the federal government to

•  develop and implement a national suicide prevention strategy

•  create a central federal agency to address suicide prevention through a public awareness multi-media campaign

•  allocate federal funds for research projects, information dissemination and training of professionals and caregivers

•  assist provinces, territories and communities to increase their capacity to develop, implement and evaluate suicide prevention programs.

Requested Members’ Action:

  • National Legislation Chairperson should determine what steps, if any, federal government has made to develop and implement a national suicide prevention strategy since this resolution was first presented and communicate this information to the provinces.
  • Encourage members to write to federal minister of health, with copies to prime minister and their local MP, to ask government to act on this resolution, referring any new information that has surfaced from Legislation Chairperson’s review.
  • Have provincial legislation chairpersons find out what is being done in their province on suicide prevention that could be included in a national strategy for suicide prevention and share this information with national legislation chairperson.