• May Be League 2016

    • Featuring councils from Alberta Mackenzie

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    • Education and Health Communique #9

    • National Chairperson of Education and Health Nancy Simms

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    • Letter from National President Barbara Dowding to St. Paul Diocesan President Kathryn Bourque

    • http://cwl.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/SKM_C554e16051210110.pdf

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    • WUCWO president's monthly message and WUCWO Day May 13th

    • Dear friends, Happy WUCWO Day! Together with Our Lady of Fatima, on the 13th May, we celebrate WUCWO Day which, as stated in our President’s monthly message (attached) will have..

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    • Statement from the Diocese of St. Paul on the Fort McMurray fire

    • PDF or Even as we still are all in shock with the wildfire destruction and damage in Ft McMurray, let us give thanks to our Lord and God that, with some sixty to seventy thousa..

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